A Real Time Squad Combat Game

Drive a small band of misfits on a open world island, using guerrilla tactics to sabotage the Evil Octopus Army.

Dismantle key locations, cut supply lines, rescue teammates with unique skills and loot the enemy hardware.

The game focuses on real-time squad combat, arcade fashion. Customize your squad with new members and equipment, and drive different vehicles to achieve your goals.

In Dog Duty you can:
-Drive a variety of vehicles on a vast wasteland;
-Explore the Island, its rivers and its surrounding seas;
-Unlock new characters, each one with different habilites;
-Customize your squad for each situation;
-Meet locals, earn their trust and know more about the Octopus menace;
-Cut enemy's supply lines;
-Clear every location and see the locals taking their lives back;
-Fight against giant machines;